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The natural and effective way to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

You Might have seen these room and pillow mists! The affordable sleeping aid is finally here. There are 2 different types of room and pillow mists.

Here's a product review of both of the items.

We created a natural pillow and room mist with the vision of providing everyone with a gentle solution to enhance their sleep experience. Recognizing the importance of a good night's rest for overall well-being, we sought to harness the power of nature to create a product that promotes relaxation and tranquillity. Not only to enhance your sleep but to fill your room with focus and upliftment.

Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Red Mandarin pillow mist is made with pure essential oils and plant based ingredients. This scent helps you feel relaxed giving you the best night sleep possible !

Frankincense and Myrrh Room Mist is made to help you feel uplifted and focused simply spray a few pumps in the air and feel the benefits. This is made with pure essential oils and plant based ingredients. Frankincense and myrrh are known to help you feel uplifted and find your inner peace. Sprayed in a bedroom at night can help achieve a state of relaxation and readiness for sleep.

In essence, the creation of our natural pillow mist was driven by our passion for promoting well-being, our commitment to using natural and safe ingredients, and our belief in the power of nature to provide soothing and restorative benefits. With this product, we hope to inspire a sense of calm and comfort, empowering individuals to embrace the restful and rejuvenating experience of a good night's sleep.

The reason we decided to create our own pillow and room mist is because we noticed that a natural option wasn't really available. So we decided to change that by making a water based option which not only going to help you sleep but help you long term because you're not breathing in the synthetic chemicals which are in most of them.

Your First Impressions

Welcome to the enchanting world of Frankincense and Myrrh

and it's aromatic properties and the therapeutic benefits.

From the first spray you will feel the benefits of this room mist. The earthy, woody and sweet citrusy notes of frankincense are wonderfully balanced with the warm aromatics of myrrh.

The focus and upliftment you will feel from the mist the second it is sprayed.

How we have tested the mist

The frankincense and myrrh room mist has helped us within our work environment as the mist helps us to keep focused throughout the day. We also use this as a pillow mist to help enhance the best night sleep possible. If you want to feel calm and centred before a mediation then this is perfect for creating the right atmosphere. We have had friends purchase the Lavender Ylang Ylang and Red Mandarin pillow mist and their reviews were that this mist has really help them brake the pattern of disrupted sleep.

You can also use both of these as a fabric freshener. All you need to do to use it as a fabric freshener is to spray about a meter above the fabric and let the mist slowly fall onto the area and the mist will do the rest of the work!

The frankincense and myrrh has natural anti bacterial properties so can help to purify your air.

Help the environment by using a natural water based room mist

Health Benefits: Natural room mists are less likely to trigger allergies or respiratory issues, making them safer for people with sensitivities.

Environmental Impact: Chemical room mists may contribute to air and water pollution, affecting ecosystems and the planet. Natural alternatives are more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Inhaling these fragrances can positively impact mood and emotional well-being.

Unlike synthetic air fresheners, Frankincense and Myrrh room mist purify the air and leave behind a pleasant, natural scent.

Frankincense and Myrrh in a room mist transform your living spaces into a serene sanctuary.


In conclusion both of these room and pillow mists really do work which was one of the main aims for creating them. Whether it is to create a better sleep environment or to help you focus throughout the day.

We spent a lot of time and did a lot of research to bring to you the perfect blend of essential oils in these mists.

Please add your comments and experience on these pillow mists.


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